And the Dead Shall Live by David Shawn Klein

And the Dead Shall Live by David Shawn Klein (ePUB) Free Download

And the Dead Shall Live by David Shawn Klein
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Two damaged souls. A malevolent secret. A risky ruse to unearth the truth that could bring redemption or a brutal end…

Philip Raymond grows more desperate by the minute. Suffering from agoraphobia after a tragic misstep led to a scandal and suicide, the former high-level political consultant and novelist needs a big win to restore his reputation and take back his life. Certain that a wealthy recluse has blood on his hands, the emotionally scarred writer hires a brainy beauty to dig up the dirt he requires for a blockbuster exposé.

Jesse Carter is haunted. Feeling responsible for her beloved brother’s prison murder, the freelance researcher’s razor-sharp intellect is no match for her crushing sense of guilt. So despite her reluctance to take a job that’s more cloak-and-dagger than fact-finding, the tormented twenty-something signs on after learning the target may be victimizing women.

Afraid his young assistant will spook and quit before he gets the goods for his bestseller, Philip withholds vital information as she enters the den of vipers. While Jesse discovers that murder and a near-death cult are just the tip of the iceberg, and one wrong move could be her last.

With an insidious plot that reaches as far as the White House, will the pair become casualties of a devious war?

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