Behind The Gates by Bobby Akart

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Behind The Gates by Bobby Akart
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

America was on the brink of collapse .
The fabric of society was torn apart.
The economy was in shambles.
Ordinary Americans experienced death by a thousand cuts
and it was coming soon to your neighborhood.

In a once-thriving neighborhood, prosperity and harmony were the norm. Families walked the tree-lined streets, children played in the parks, and a sense of community bound residents together. However, over time, this changed. Political beliefs divided them. Economic collapse struck the nation bringing with it an inevitable and devastating societal collapse.

Behind the gates separating the community from the rest of greater Los Angeles, neighbors faced off against one another as resources became scarce. Beyond the gates, ruthless gangs and looters swept across LA like a plague of locusts. Killing and looting replaced the rule of law.

Some held out hope in the government to restore order. Others banded together to prepare for the inevitable. When terror and mayhem came knocking at their doors. Despair and fear cast long shadows over the once-vibrant community. Could the neighbors set aside their differences to ward off the coming storm?

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