Breaking Point by C. G. Cooper

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Breaking Point by C. G. Cooper (Corps Justice Series #21)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

I was lost. I am still not found.
They took her. And now I’ll take them.
Daniel Briggs thinks he is figuring life out for the second time—until his world shatters in an instant. His close friend, Anna, is snatched from the face of the earth, and he’s plunged into a high-stakes chase that takes him to the sun-soaked, treacherous corners of the Florida Keys.

But this is no ordinary kidnapping. The puppet masters pulling the strings have a dark history with Daniel, a history he’s completely unaware of. As the clock ticks and the walls close in, Daniel must answer a series of life-threatening questions:
Will he unravel the mystery and reach Anna before it’s too late? Is he destined to become a twisted experiment in a game he doesn’t even know he’s playing? And what about his friends, who are completely in the dark? Will they piece together the puzzle in time to come to his aid?

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