Captured Innocence by Vincent Valentean

Captured Innocence by Vincent Valentean (ePUB) Free Download

Captured Innocence by Vincent Valentean
English | 2024 | Horror

Caught in a deadly game, Dominic Deluca must choose between the family he leads and the family he loves, as a father’s war collides with a mobster’s oath.

Dominic Deluca has two families. The first is his wife Maria and young daughter Isabella. The second is the Deluca New Jersey Crime Family, which he leads with an iron fist. But when a rival family kidnaps his daughter, Dominic will go to war as both a feared crime boss and a father desperate to get his little girl back. Dominic’s loyalties to both families will be tested when the FBI approaches him with an offer to help. Will Dominic betray his oath to the Mob? Or will he put his daughter at risk by rejecting their aid?

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