Edge of the Wire by Scott Kenemore

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Edge of the Wire by Scott Kenemore
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A Mind-Bending Science Fiction Thriller That Lays Bare Our Coming Dependence on AI
An elite crew of astronauts is sent to an unknown planet. Their mission? To wire the planet within the all-encompassing and all-knowing system of artificial intelligence, known as “The Goo.” It’s hard to remember a time before The Goo . . . and even harder to imagine a future without it.

The advanced AI system anticipates humanity’s wants, needs, and desires, and seems to have an unfailing omniscience. But when Rowe, the leader of the crew, discovers mysterious secrets buried beneath the surface of this unknown planet, his faith in AI begins to wane. One unsettling twist after another turns Rowe’s mission into a quest for answers and a terrifying fight for survival.

Scott Kenemore’s inimitable style incorporates elements of horror and satire, making Edge of the Wire a chilling triumph of the science fiction genre and also a rollicking send-up of today’s tech culture. With ripped-from-the-headlines concerns about a “wired future” brought bracingly to life, this novel delivers an entertaining yet harrowing look at the existential crisis of the moment—humanity’s increasing dependence on artificial intelligence.

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