Market for Murder by Heather Graham

Market for Murder by Heather Graham (ePUB) Free Download

Market for Murder by Heather Graham (The Blackbird Files #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

In the alleys of Edinburgh, someone is killing for profit…
Scotland has a dead body problem. Another one. And in the wake of a similar spate of tribute killings, Special Agents Luke Kendrick and Carly MacDonald know they have their work cut out for them. Working alongside a new team of agents, the partners have more questions than answers when the crime scenes yield little evidence. In the style of infamous killers Burke and Hare, it appears victims are being moved to a secondary location, where they’re dissected and sold for spare parts.

With the clock ticking on every organ being harvested, the members of Blackbird know the killers must be near at hand, and soon discover that they’re also being closed in on. As questions begin to arise about the newest additions to their team, Luke and Carly are running out of time—and people they can trust—to catch the killers before the agents themselves are the next to be put on ice.

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