Fortune’s Envoy by Plum Parrot

Fortune’s Envoy by Plum Parrot (ePUB) Free Download

Fortune’s Envoy by Plum Parrot (Cyber Dreams Series #3)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Once a scrap-wrangling nobody from Phoenix, Arizona, Juliet Bianchi’s life was forever changed when fate handed her a hyper-advanced AI chip that launched her into the arena of high-powered, high-stakes operators. To her surprise—and everyone else’s—she had a natural talent for cybernetic-enhanced mayhem and mercenary work.

Now, that work will take Juliet where she’s always wanted to go: off world. Unfortunately, the reason is that her faithful friend Honey and a child prodigy she was caring for have been kidnapped. All evidence points to their abductors heading somewhere near Saturn, but to get there, Juliet will have to endure a blast from the past.

Fortunately, joining the crew of a rundown salvage ship, she soon finds herself accepted by the ragtag squad, who appreciate her recently upgraded talents in both combat and tech. And where she’s going, both will be pushed to the limit. Because Juliet isn’t just rescuing her friend anymore. The future of humanity itself is in her hands . . .

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