Forward Pact by Daniel Gibbs, Steve Rzasa

Forward Pact by Daniel Gibbs, Steve Rzasa (ePUB) Free Download

Forward Pact by Daniel Gibbs, Steve Rzasa (Galaxy Bridge Series #3)
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

A storm is brewing.
Colonel Larra walks a tightrope. After several enemy incursions against Joint Base Sagittarius Arch, he’s facing backlash from the merchant guild over the backlog of customs screenings and immigration through the galactic wormhole. But it’s a delicate balancing act between freedom and security for all souls aboard the space station.

A responsibility he doesn’t take lightly.
Despite the challenges in Sextans B, progress is being made on the diplomatic front—and in Colonel Larra’s family life. The relationship with his wife has only strengthened through the recent adversities, and communication lines have miraculously been reestablished with both sons.

But it’s only the calm before the storm.
An offshoot of the Hex nation has declared independence and requested asylum. But after the Hex came to the Arch’s aid against the Kin, the appeal places the Coalition in a difficult position. When a saboteur targets the diplomatic corps, Colonel Larra is forced to take up the ambassador’s mantle.
The team barely departs when terrorists strike targets across the station—and worst fears come to fruition. Now, with a fleet divided amid battles on multiple fronts, it’s all hands on deck.
Or the house will fall.

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