Garden To Save the World by Joe Clark

Garden To Save the World by Joe Clark (ePUB) Free Download

Garden To Save the World: A Feel-Good Guide to Growing for Yourself, Your Plants and the Planet by Joe Clark
English | 2024 | Hobbies & Home

No matter your space, gardening expert and social media sensation Joe Clark will help you find joy and peace in the natural world.

Nature enthusiast Joe Clark is here to help you make the most of the outdoors, whether or not you have a garden of your own. Garden to Save the World covers everything from growing your own food and eating seasonally to keeping vital ecosystems alive by encouraging wildlife and appreciating all nature has to offer.

Garden to Save the World showcases just how fantastic the natural world is, both for your physical and mental health. It’s a fun, positive guide to the joys of the natural world as a haven for all. The book is complete with practical takeaways on how to make an urban bee hotel, zero waste tips, going wild, using your garden as a supermarket and more. There are fun facts and surprising stories about what your garden can do for you, your community and the planet. Perfect for any budding or seasoned nature lover.

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