In The Shadows by Amy Cronin

In The Shadows by Amy Cronin (ePUB) Free Download

In The Shadows by Amy Cronin (Anna Clarke Trilogy #3)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Tom has found you! You need to run!
Kate Crowley has tried to put the past, and Cork city, behind her, but Tom Gallagher isn’t ready to absolve her of her sins. As she flees across Spain his henchmen are only steps behind her, his net ever-closing. But someone on the inside is willing to betray him, offering Kate a lifeline.

Everything Tom worked for is crumbling. His family is destroyed, his life falling apart. Ely Murray is back, claiming the city and Tom’s business as his own. A man can only be pushed so far …
Anna Clarke spends her days watching and waiting. Checking over her shoulder for Dean Harris, the rapist who has evaded the gardaí. Unable to sleep, waiting for news from the final search for her long-lost parents, she needs a distraction. Researching a cold case with her friend, an unsolved murder on the city streets, offers what she needs. But the past is a dangerous place to revisit …
Kate, Tom and Anna learn that no-one, and nothing, stays hidden forever.

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