The Last Con by Caitlin Avery

The Last Con by Caitlin Avery (ePUB) Free Download

The Last Con by Caitlin Avery (The Catrina Lang Adventures #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

She changes her identity to hide from the press. But will an abduction abroad mean she’ll never be found again?
Movie star Catrina Lang can’t handle the survivor guilt after her tragic Mexican vacation last year. When a violent outburst on set lands her in cuffs, she flees the country to escape punishment.

With an altered look and fake name, she volunteers at a Peruvian orphanage to discover her higher purpose. But when the drug lord behind the murders in Mexico escapes from prison, she hatches a plan to entrap the brutal thug, until he threatens to kill her parents.
Can she con the man who caused her trauma before he annihilates her life?

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