Jack on a Wire by Diane Capri

Jack on a Wire by Diane Capri (ePUB) Free Download

Jack on a Wire by Diane Capri (Hunt For Reacher #21)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

FBI Special Agent Kim Otto finally caught a break in the Hunt for Jack Reacher.
When she discovers a fresh lead in Reacher’s old banking records, she’s propelled to the sun-bleached streets of Key West.

In the midst of the island’s laid-back culture, Kim discovers she’s not the sole hunter in this high-stakes game.
From the gritty pages of Lee Child’s Tripwire, a determined woman and a seasoned private investigator have also picked up Reacher’s scent.

And they’re not simply tracking Reacher. They’re lying in wait.
Because they have insider information that Kim does not.
They know Jack Reacher.

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