Not a Normal Family by Rachel Hargrove

Not a Normal Family by Rachel Hargrove (ePUB) Free Download

Not a Normal Family by Rachel Hargrove
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 581 KB

The perfect trip turns into a nightmare…
Amber Pierce thought she’d planned the perfect family vacation. Seeking to mend the rift with her daughter, she books a camping retreat in the breathtaking Cascades…a trip that includes her ex-husband and his new wife.
But hours into their first hike, the group takes a wrong turn. Days later, they’re lost, hungry, dehydrated, and hope is fading.

Amber is no quitter. Not in her job as a teacher and not for her family. She’s always dealing with difficult people. Compared to a classroom, this will be a piece of cake. She’ll lead everyone to safety. Or die trying.
Or so she thinks.
When one person goes missing and another falls victim to a mysterious accident, Amber soon discovers she’s in over her head.
Who is sabotaging their trip? And can she stop them before it’s too late?

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