On the Run by Max Luther

On the Run by Max Luther (ePUB) Free Download

On the Run by Max Luther (Alex Drayce #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Framed for murder. Out for revenge.
Private bodyguard Alex Drayce is on assignment in the States, tasked with protecting a wealthy businessman under threat of assassination.
He is presented with the opportunity to make some quick cash for a week’s work, aiding one Carlos Garcia in finding his daughter, who has gone missing in Las Vegas. A seemingly simple task…

As events soon spiral out of control, Alex must go on the run, hunted down by the combined might of the Las Vegas police department, fronted by Detective Naomi Ocean, and a ruthless gang out for blood.
But his pursuers should be wary. Alex Drayce is not a man to be taken lightly…
A scintillating crime thriller with a gritty edge, perfect for fans of Simon Kernick and M. W. Craven.

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