The Vineyard Remains by Addison McKnight

The Vineyard Remains by Addison McKnight (ePUB) Free Download

The Vineyard Remains by Addison McKnight
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Two women, brought together by tragedy, strive to find themselves on Martha’s Vineyard. But it’s not easy to heal old wounds in a powerful novel about family, secrets, motherhood, and the cold grip of the past.
A desperate murder committed by Angela Miller’s mother tore Angela’s life apart and brought her to Martha’s Vineyard to live with her wealthy grandparents. It’s where her cousin, Kiki King, was born and raised, and Kiki now wants nothing more than to see the world beyond its sandy perimeter. Kiki’s mother escaped it. She took a late-night swim off Tashmoo Beach and was never seen again.

Once bound by broken childhoods, Angela and Kiki have grown up divided—by their obsessions, their love for the same man, and their own conflicted journeys of motherhood. But when a small box of bones is unearthed in the woods, Angela and Kiki discover there’s so much more to learn about each other, their families, and the dark side of the picturesque island they call home.
It’s time for Angela and Kiki to expose their secrets, to finally end a cycle of family drama and anguish, and to forgive and make peace with the past on their own terms.

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