Paragon by A.A. Pierce

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Paragon by A.A. Pierce
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

Years ago, United Earth made first contact with the enigmatic Scourge. We’ve been at war ever since.

We’re losing.
They’re faster, stronger, and far more advanced. It takes us everything we’ve got to stave off extinction for one more day.
Desperate for fresh talent, Fleet Command plucks untested Ensign Ryan Monaghan out of obscurity to helm the run-down UES Paragon.

But he has no idea what he’s doing and clashes with his new crew, all battle-hardened veterans.
Now he must lead them on a perilous mission that could tip the scales of the war.
With humanity’s fate hanging in the balance, Ryan must prove himself worthy of his command and chart a course toward victory against an enemy poised to wipe us from existence.

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