The Lost Cyborg by Vaughn Heppner

The Lost Cyborg by Vaughn Heppner (ePUB) Free Download

The Lost Cyborg by Vaughn Heppner (Lost Starship #21)
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

The Sovereign Hierarchy of Leviathan leaves nothing to chance. Their strategists are the greatest in the galaxy, utilizing the tiniest details. Before unleashing the perfect invasion, they send Senior Dax to Earth.
The cyber spy will assassinate the Lord High Admiral, throwing Star Watch into panic as one after another of their highest officials die hideous, unstoppable deaths.

Maddox realizes his grandmother, the Iron Lady, is next. Hell, no! While the rest of Star Watch dithers, he breaks into a maximum security prison in Antarctica, freeing Becker from stasis. Becker is humanity’s strongest telepath, once a terrifying agent of aliens who almost overthrew the Commonwealth.

Can Maddox trust Becker or find the lever to force the telepath’s help?
This is the beginning of a secret war of spy vs. spy and weird tech as Maddox seeks to stop an alien invasion from starting because he knows it cannot be beaten.

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