Rabbit by Emmy Ellis

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Rabbit by Emmy Ellis (The Cardigan Estate #26)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Marleigh Jasper turns to the leaders of The Cardigan Estate, eager to get her problem sorted quickly. But that means death for her husband. David has been bringing drugs into the country, and she’s sure he’s having an affair. Does that justify murder?

Ichabod Ahearn is brought in to see if he can catch Marleigh out. Is she lying about David? Have the husband and wife concocted an elaborate ruse to entrap the leaders? He tells her his story about a trip to Ireland, revealing who he really is. The past is murky, and he’s riddled with guilt. But is he prepared to repeat his wrongdoings in order to climb the Cardigan ladder?

Before David lands in the UK, the leaders have another job on their list. To send Ichabod on a date with Katy Marlborough. If she’s selling gear on their Estate and admits it, she’ll end up in the warehouse. And if she doesn’t? She’ll still end up in the warehouse…

What happened in Ireland is linked to the players in this devious game. Will David end up in the Thames or left in the woods for a jogger to find? Who are the Directorates? Who is Mr Weed? And who is Daggers? There’s only one way to find out.

By putting certain people on the wooden torture chair…

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