Seasoning by Angela Clutton

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Seasoning: How to cook and celebrate the seasons by Angela Clutton
English | 2024 | Food & Cooking

A fresh and ambitious look at how our eating changes throughout the year, focusing not only on what we should eat during each season but also how—the key techniques that bring the best out of fruit and vegetables.

“A brilliant and beautiful book that everyone who loves to cook should own.” -Stanley Tucci

Bring the rhythms of the seasons into your kitchen with this timeless guide to cooking and celebrating produce, all year round.

Seasoning spans the four seasons of the year, with insights into over 50 vegetables and fruits. Award-winning food writer Angela Clutton explores their seasonality, offering tips on shopping and storing, countless ways to use them, flavour partners and how to minimise waste. Plus 75 fresh, modern and approachable recipes show how to make the best of the season’s produce.

This book illustrates how embracing seasonality is about understanding the cycles of the land and the climate—even, or especially, as it changes—and how they have the ability to make things taste the best possible versions of themselves. Winter frosts bring out the sugars of sprouts and parsnips; sunshine doesn’t just make summer’s tomatoes sweet but deep with flavour too. It’s about sustainability, and also about the joy to be had in not having everything, always, but in looking forward to something, and then missing it when it’s gone. Vegetables and fruits take centre stage, with profiles of meat and fish—whose seasonality is often forgotten—woven through.

Discover how the seasons move and how what we want to eat and cook moves with them. Seasoning is an endlessly useful companion that will inspire confident, intuitive cooking, time and time again.

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