System Activation by Timothy McGowen

System Activation by Timothy McGowen (ePUB) Free Download

System Activation by Timothy McGowen
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Path of the Titans has been Unlocked!

Knox wanted nothing more than to escape his small-town life as a woodcutter. He finally gets his chance to delve deep into a dungeon and his world is forever changed! When disaster strikes, even in his new life as an Adventurer, can he survive long enough to walk the mysterious Path of the Titans?

In the realm of Premar, where magic is wild and unbound, rules are about to be set forth. The Path of the Titans will unlock the Titan System, forcing all magic to obey the laws and rules set forth by the powerful Titans themselves.

Our journey begins with a young man, Knox. Born into a world of magic unbound by rules, he learns all he can from his mothers’ journals. Who she was or why she studied magic remains a mystery, but a fire has been lit inside of Knox and he will stop at nothing to find out. He goes from a simple woodcutter to one of the few Adventurers able to delve deep into dungeons and learn special techniques to fight back against the monsters.

When life takes several twists and turns, he finds himself walking the Path of the Titans, a System of rules and powers that spread like wildfire.

A magical journey filled with adventure, intrigue, and a mysterious ‘System’ awaits any who embarks on this journey with Knox. Can he survive the awesome power of the Titans, can he live long enough for any of it to matter?

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