Taken in the Dark by Peggy Webb

Taken in the Dark by Peggy Webb (ePUB) Free Download

Taken in the Dark by Peggy Webb (Logan Sisters #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

“Please, we want to go home…” The children are crying, their voices pleading. But the figure they call to only stares at them in silence, and locks the door.
Jen Logan is living her dream life on the water in a small community in Florida. Content with her husband and twins, she feels settled and at peace in nature. But when frightening notes start appearing in her home—signed simply by Invisible—her perfect world shatters.

Then she arrives home to find flowers placed all over her house, and the gift passed down through her family tells her she’s in terrible danger. The delicate white blooms of the oleander plant are an omen of death, and whoever is sending them knows this too. But why are they targeting her, and what do they want?
Before Jen can begin to find the culprit, her children are taken. In a shuddering heartbeat, she realizes that Invisible isn’t out to destroy her, but her family. And with the light fading and a storm brewing over the water, Jen knows there isn’t much time to find her children before darkness falls…
Can she find them before it’s too late? And if she does, will she do what it takes to stop Invisible forever?

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