Tender is the North by Andrew Lowe

Tender is the North by Andrew Lowe (ePUB) Free Download

Tender is the North by Andrew Lowe (DI Jake Sawyer #9)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A wounded detective healing in the shadows.
A twisted killer luring him back to the light.

JAKE SAWYER is isolated. A year after checking into a psychiatric unit, he has found peace by cutting contact with his previous world, living offline and refusing visitors.
When Sawyer’s ex-colleagues arrest a single father for abusing bodies at a hospital mortuary, the man records an emotional video confession, sealing his fate. But with his young daughter missing for two weeks, the case soon develops into something more complex and sinister.

As the implications unravel, a young woman is found murdered, having suffered similar post-mortem abuse. Police suspect the man the press have dubbed The Vulture might not be in their jail cell, but out on the streets.
Sawyer resists the urge to end his exile and step back into the fray. But when his own mother’s ailing killer contacts him with an unrefusable offer, he faces the grim truth: no matter how hard he works to build a brighter future, his past has a way of hunting him down.

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