The Cabal by Roger A. Price

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The Cabal by Roger A. Price
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A teenager, Sally, dies from a heroin overdose at the hands of her dealer from the North End Crew organised crime gang.
No-one cares. Except ex-Detective Inspector Daniel Wright – a veteran, unorthodox officer. Sally was his niece.

Detective Superintendent Peter Bartholomew – an arrogant and dishonest detective – runs a cabal of corrupt officers.
Bartholomew is hell-bent on removing the head of the North End Crew – Jonny Piper – by any means necessary.
The Lancashire Chief Constable, George Dawson – a diligent and principled officer – knows Bartholomew is corrupt. But is unable to prove it.

Forced to retire – and free from the shackles of procedure – Dawson goes after Bartholomew. He joins forces with Wright who craves justice for his niece. They work together, albeit they are pursuing different agendas.

The real power behind the NEC is Tommy Johnson – a violent and determined criminal – involved in drug and gunrunning who plans to be the leading exporter of a far more lucrative contraband.
Law enforcement and criminals collide, blurring the lines.
Justice can be a bloody business.

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