Web of Justice by Robin James

Web of Justice by Robin James (ePUB) Free Download

Web of Justice by Robin James (Mara Brent #7)
English | 2023 | Legal Thriller

A missing child. A web of lies. A lone prosecutor must unravel the truth before it’s too late.
Smack in the middle of a capital murder trial, small-town Prosecutor Mara Brent gets a cryptic note from the defendant. He wants to cut a deal. His freedom in exchange for information about the kidnapping and murder of a young girl that made national news a decade ago. Is he telling the truth? Or is this just the desperate ploy of a marked man?

As Mara tries to delve into the man’s story, she hits roadblocks at every turn. Her boss just wants a conviction at all costs. The town sheriff refuses to reopen the old case or interview Mara’s informant. Even the missing girl’s family takes Mara to court to stop her.

But when key witnesses start turning up dead, Mara knows she can’t let this one go, no matter who she has to cross to get to the truth.
With her career on the line, what Mara learns will reveal long-buried secrets that could threaten those she loves the most.

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