What Lies Beneath the Tide by Daphne Parker

What Lies Beneath the Tide by Daphne Parker (ePUB) Free Download

What Lies Beneath the Tide by Daphne Parker
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

“The open sea is a dangerous creature, unpredictable and heartless. It will swallow you whole and dissolve your bones into foam. It is a lawless, wretched thing and yet it is equally seductive, alluring, and elusive. I cannot think of a better thing for a monster to be.”

Maeve Anderson is just like everyone else in Saltridge. She’s lived here her entire life, works a dead-end job, and for the most part, keeps to herself. Between waiting tables at the Captain’s Quarters, taking care of her trainwreck mother, and keeping her disgruntled cat fed, Maeve doesn’t have much time for a social life. Not that she wants one anyway, given the small number of options she has in this town.

Still, nothing prepares her for the sudden arrival of Alex Hayworth, whose presence in town has not gone unnoticed. And it’s not just his peculiar interest in her that makes Maeve unsettled. It’s that he seems to have an uncanny knack for showing up in the most unexpected places—although the same could be said for her if you asked him.

Alex Hayworth is no stranger to tragedy. After all, his entire career as a detective is centered around it. However, when his life suddenly becomes upended by his own personal trauma, Alex soon finds himself in the middle of a mystery even he can’t seem to solve. Desperate for a distraction, he travels to Saltridge, where he unwillingly begins to unearth a sinister secret this quiet little town has been harboring beneath the tide for far too long.

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